Magics All in One Hair care


Magics All in One Hair care

Just mix the Magics in your shampoo and that’s it, all your hair care issues will be taken care of.


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Product Description

Benefits of Magics Hair Care

1. Designed to absorb dirt, grime and other impurities.

2. Deeply Cleanses and conditions hair.

3. Helps prevent hair fall as we age.

4. Increases the volume of hair

5. Excellent for the scalp and helps fight dryness

6. Gives the hair the extra shine

7. Balances the scalp pH

8. Loaded with nutrients to enrich the hair from roots .

9. Protects the hair from heat damage

Magics contains more than 75 nutrients Here is what it will do to your hair:

1. One of the most rampant problems today is hair loss. The proteolytic enzyme content in Magics triggers a natural stimulation of hair growth and adds more volume to your hair.

2. Magics has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve your scalp of any irritation and battle aggravation of the same. It also has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that effectively combat dandruff as well as flaking that is commonly seen on a dry scalp.

3. Magics will turn any shampoo in to wonderful moisturizing shampoo. Unlike most shampoos that leave your hair dry and stiff, Magics will make your hair stronger, moisturised and healthy.

4. Magics is a great cleanser of hair follicles. It will efficiently removes the extra sebum or any residue from other hair products that you may have used. Since it is a fully natural extract, it is very gentle on the scalp and hair, thus causing absolutely no damage whatsoever.

5. The enzyme That Magics contain is also works on repairing the damaged cells of your scalp, thus enhancing follicle health. The high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals thoroughly nourish the hair follicles and contribute to the same.

Overall, Magics has no side effects of any sort on your hair. It is, in fact, extremely beneficial for your hair and makes for a great conditioner, making your hair smooth and lustrous

How To Use:

Take a clean bowl. Empty 300ml of your choice of shampoo (Any Shampoo) in a bowl Mix one packet of Magics in the shampoo and steer well. Once mixed well store your Magics shampoo in any container or same shampoo bottle. Wash your hair normal as you do. Recommended to keep Magics Shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes and massage for better results.

Note: Shampoo should be looking little runny and should not be looking like a thick paste if it looks thick you can add more shampoo.


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